A Brief Description About Oil Painting Techniques

Oil paint is an amazing versatile medium. This versatility opens the doorway to a number of different painting techniques. My personal preference would be to start my oil paintings by first sketching the composition out with water-soluble or using acrylic paint oil paints. Turpentine is very toxic and that I prefer not to work with it. Acrylic or water-soluble oil paints may be thinned down with plain old water and are far more agreeable to work with in my estimation. By drawing out your composition, you can even start your oil painting. There are a few drawing mediums of Mission Viejo Painters that work quite nicely with oil paints. Vine charcoal is preferred by me as it does not smudge like other charcoals and it can be erased easier. Water-soluble pencils are excellent since they can be applied like pencils that are normal and may be spread around using a damp brush like paint.

You might want to test your hand in the Alla Prima oil painting technique, if you are the impatient sort. The Alla Prima procedure is when you complete the painting in one sitting rather than paint in layers and watch for the paint to dry. Although I normally prefer to work out my paintings in layers, I sometimes enjoy this spontaneous and exciting method of oil painting. Perhaps you are considering working with all the glazing technique if you’re the cautious, patient form of painter. Glazing has lost popularity these days, partially due to the time needed to complete such a painting and it’s trouble, but the results are something truly unique to some other type of oil painting technique. The arrangement is painted having an opaque monochrome under painting, generally in shades of grey. Shades usually are not blended directly but added in different layers to get the shade that is desired.

Should you be the daring type, put the brushes away and attempt some palette or painting knives. You can achieve some very interesting results with knives which aren’t possible with brushes. The oil paint could be distribute on thickly and scraped off with ease. What I love most about using knives is the inclination to not focus on the tiny details. I’m forced to paint in a more relaxed way that creates an impressionist style painting. Get yourself a set of painting knives and make an effort to complete an entire painting with just the knives. It is challenging in the beginning if you happen to be used to brushes, but it’s an enjoyable exercise. Perhaps you’ll like your painting to have more body and feel. You can try the impasto painting technique and apply your paint leaving signs of all those incredibly artistic brush strokes. Have a look in a Van Gogh painting and you’ll see this technique in action.